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Admirals Log Day 562

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The battle ended the way i expected it to. Jeb pulled one out of his ass just as Valintine was getting his shit together. I suspect Valintine learned enough that a rematch would be short lived. The Fleet News network is up and running and now the fleets busniess is everyones busniess. While this is irritating its more good than harm. Burine is now a Captain and disconnected from the hive. The cybernaught agent taht came aboard was very powerful. According to Burnie we have the firepower to destry his ship but not before he ripped the flight deck off. Im glad no one did anything dumbass like shoot him. I like my flight deck intact.

While Jeb is off galavanting around saving the universe im back here fucking with the fleet. Supplies are not doing top bad but in all reality we need to get the civilians to a save place. Once secured we can renforce the planet and then get to work blowing the shit out of these ass holes. As much as I want to fight and kill the enemy I dont think we can dragging the fleet behind us.

I have a plan. There is an area of space about 1500 AU square that has some kind of radiometric barrier around it. My engineers tell me that the Sanctuary’s Shields can take the beating assuming that the entire area is full of the radiation. I have a hunch that is not and this barrier is some leftover stellar something or other. I figure we can get in and find something inside a planet or something and then bring the fleet there once we have those jump scramblers. I figure i can negoiate for them. I have some commidites already and I have been talking to the ambassidor about it anyway.

Conway says, and I agree, that jumping inside the area is well stupid. We have no idea whats in there and frankly I dont want every negative space in my body filling with radioactive isotopes. The plan is to jump the fleet close then procecde in on sublight though the radioactive cloud. Im not sure how long it will take but we have to try.

“Admiral the USS Semper Fidelis has returned and there is a message from Jeb.”
Whats the short version?
“He is heading to the Wolfen homeworld to help with a skinless infiltration.”
No really.
“Im not joking sir.
You have got to be fucking with me. Jeb of you might not read this i might just kill you first.


HurstGM HurstGM

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