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Admirals Log Day 575

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So my Xo runs off with MY destroyer and tries to alter the entire fucking culture of a civilization. not that im upset with his attempt or intention, but shes a DESTROYER! Despite his combat capability there was now way he was not going to cause a riot at the least. Worse there would be an attempt to blow up his ship. He got a butt load of fighter fuel off the deal and I had to use some strong arm tatics to get the loaction of the games and it turns out my gut was right to go save his ass. I have to talk to logan about scraping my hull.

I managed to save my crew and only took some damage mostly consmetic. Now we have two problems. The intelligence that Jeb gathered was good and all and caused us to have to split our forces if we want to engage on both fronts. There is some kind of asteriod coming to hit the wolfen homeworld and another attempt to turn the ocean of the Squids into a pool of acid. The Sanctuary is going to head back to the wolfen homeworld where we are going to attempt to destroy the asteroid or at least deflect it.

Jeb is taking the Bitch and Semper Fi and heading to the location where the weapon is being built. At least this time its a seek and destroy mission so if he blows everything up well thats what he was supposed to do. Im hoping that he and Captain Valintine do the right things and not get one of my ships blown up. They just jumped out of system now and I play God is with them.

Let me guess Conway message from Jeb he has decided to teach the crystal aliens to bake cookies or teach the greys to play in a mariachi band.
“Uh no sir.”
What is it conway?
“The Dragon just jumped in and they are hailing.”
What now?
They say they have intelligence on Private Scarlett Johanson.
Bring them along side now. Computer end log


HurstGM HurstGM

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