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Admirals Log Day 633

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Some times i think i should shoot that little shit alien out into space through a faulty Apollo Pod. I asked if there was a way for him to determin the depth of the expanse. So what does he do? He fires a nuclear city buster into the cloud in front of us. He and Conway were able to map the depth of the expanse with the resulting shockwave. At first it looked bad. It was going to take over a year to cross the expanse. I almost turned around right then and there but Burine and Conway asked to try something to increase the speed of the ship. Supidly or not I agreed.

So those two “genuises” did something to the shields creating some kind of radiometric gravity drive. I know how a regular gravity drive works annd the prinicpal is the same more or less. Now we are moving along much faster and should exit the cloud soon. They shaved the trip down to a couple of months once we slow down. The only problem with the drive is that it takes it a good long time to get up to max speed and that it only works in the expanse cloud.

Speed of course adds the einstine issue. Burine explained it to me and I understand the basics but in, to use a turn of phrase from Jeb, Captain Dummy Talk. We are going to be traveling for two weeks but the outside universe just over two months will pass. In the end i guess its the reason i dont vent the little grey bastard into space. He seems to pull things out of his ass to help us. If he was still connected to the hive i would shoot him myself given the fact he knows our nuke codes, but hes not and I do beilve that Burnie would not betray us. Afterall he gave up the hive for us. He has earned that much from us.

We are exiting from the cloud in about 12 hours and from there we have to explore the expanse and if we are lucky find some place to set down roots and hide from these bastards. Well let the civilans hide and rebuild. Ive decided that we are not done yet. Once the civilans are safe we are going to go out there and blast these bastards into oblivion no matter the cost.


HurstGM HurstGM

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