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After Action Report # 41AB6

After Action Report #41AB6

Filed by David Valentine.

So.. this may be the last log written during this war. That’s kind of a big thing for me since this was the first war I’ve ever fought in and during the course of it I’ve been promoted to Captain of the Marines and nearly died numerous times. Having served with these men and women for only 2 years I can proudly say I would risk my life for any of them. Well, maybe not Tarkus. But don’t tell him that.

Onto past events, the last week was pretty normal at the start. We were gearing up and getting ready to assault the Necratoid home planet, receiving technology from the Nogaleth and trading them some of ours. After 2 weeks of preparing we were ready for the push. We planned for the Ascendant Justice and a strong fleet of Nogaleth to warp in ahead of us and keep the majority of Necratoid concentrated on their space station. It was going well, the main force was tied up at the space station and we were able to easily remove our opposition. We started our operation which was to drill into the planet with our plasma cannon which had been refitted into a mining drill of sorts. We sent the Defiant to aid the Nogaleth fleet while we proceeded on. During which though we were not attacked by any boarders which struck me as odd.

After suffering some losses we were eventually able to finish the Necratoid fleet off and continue mining, however as we were almost finished multiple jump signals were detected. It was a crystalline fleet supported by an two crystalline battleships. We were immediately hit and had to begin dealing with boarders, most of which were now easily removed because of our new ship computer. Outgunned severely we were told from the Emperor, who was aboard the Ascendant Justice, to continue drilling while they bought us time.

During the drilling we repelled a Crystalline squad heading for the bridge only to notice they had a bomb with them. Myself and 3 other marines took the bomb and started heading for the nearest air lock to remove it since it was armed in a language we did not have the time to decipher. I informed the Prince about this and requested a squad to cover the bridge while this was being taken care of. The Prince found a much shorter way to remove the bomb by causing forced decompression on a path created by the ship computer. Being the soldier I am wanted to make sure the bomb got out. The Prince informed me to hold on and so I grabbed the bomb and held onto it as a I rode it along the hallways of the Sanctuary. Miraculous avoiding all possible objects and getting it clear of the ship without causing any damage to myself or the ship.

Once we were far enough into the core and the missile was able to be launched, Logan flew us on probably the scariest maneuver of my life. Bringing the Sanctuary into the planet’s atmosphere just enough to launch the missile and then bouncing off and not getting completely sucked into the gravity well. We were all told to man life pods while only Logan and the Prince remained in the bridge.

Joining the fight we were able to clean up the Crystalline, however we were now down to just the Ascendant Justice, Sanctuary, Defiant and one other Nogaleth battleship. Attempting to escape the system we detected even more Crystalline, this time with about four times the amount of the previous wave and an Ethereal battleship. Outnumber and outgunned we did what we could but were things were not going in our favor. We lost the Nogatleth Battleship and with just the Defiant and the Ascendant Justice left, both too injured to jump, we received orders to retreat. The Ascendant Justice and Defiant set ramming courses on the Ethereal Battleship, which for some reason seemed unable to hit the Sanctuary for some reason. It’s beam did connect with the Nogaleth Battleship and the Crystalline Forces set up a ring around us preventing us from escaping, but not attacking us either.

Just when things couldn’t get worse, more jump signals were detected. Much to our surprise though, they were Kedi V’Sontrak with an actual fleet of ships being lead by what looked like the Dragon. We received a transmission saying sit back and enjoy, our Parents gave us some nice toys. Now watch this. In a few minutes the Sontrak had drastically cut the numbers of Crystalline ships down. However the Ethereal ship was still very much a threat. That’s when it showed up. The last Ancient left in the viewable universe. In what looked like a spider web of a ship with giant glowing orb in the middle, it obliterated the entire Crystalline fleet and then fought with the Ethereal ship. Seeing an opening the Prince order the plasma drill to being cutting an open hull breach on the Ethereal ship and after a few more minutes the Ethereal ship was destroyed. Then our ship went black and we were sucked into the Ancient’s ship.

Unsure of what was going on we just say in awe. A white pad appeared in the bridge and our power was restored after not too long. The Prince asked for volunteers to go with him on this pad, which we assumed and were correct was a teleportation device. The Prince, Tarkus and myself went. When we arrived we noticed that our armor and weapons had been replaced by robes and that Burnie was already there. We were treated like children for most of the conversation and eventually Doctor Smithfield and Logan joined us. We learned that the Greys had been convinced to fight against the Ethereals finally, and that only four Ehtereals were left. However; we also found out that this was the only Ancient left and she had maybe a week to exist, then she would, as she described, move on. Unsure of what that meant exactly we accepted it, asked our questions and then left.

I think most of us were disheartened that the fight we had been partaking in for so long was just going to solved like that. Without even needing our help. Talk about a slap in the face. We were informed that the Ethereals had discovered our location in the Metrion Expanse and were already planning to attack us. A Grey was sent to us to discuss our options and aid us with this threat. When he arrived he joined us on our bridge and then mid discussion fell over in a catatonic state, unable to be reawakened by any means. Burnie was also hurt in what he described as a “giant fucking headache” and then said something and ran towards the teleportation pad in our bridge (we didn’t remove it). The Prince followed him and so did Tarkus and myself carrying the other Grey’s body, who was followed by Doctor Smithfield.

We ended up aboard a Grey ship where Burnie was already imputing something into the ship’s computer. Not sure how anything worked, we all started trying phrases. The Grey’s body was picked up by a robot and the Doctor followed it to wherever it went, I did not see. I stayed within eyesight of the Prince and said “computer, show us the outside” when the entire inside of the ship went transparent and we were able to see a massive Grey fleet. Oddly enough though, none of them seemed to be in formation or alert. Most were just drifting, and some even bumping into each other, like every pilot had been simultaneously knocked out or killed. Whatever Burnie was doing set most of the ships right so they stopped knocking each other, and then the Ethereal and Crystalline appeared.

Burnie mumbled something else and after a few moments said “Everyone on the pad, NOW”. The Doctor and Tarkus came running and once all of us were on the pad we were teleported again, this time to what seemed like a half finished ship. We could clearly see the hull wasn’t completely finished and the inside still lacked most of it’s floor work and guts. Burnie told us all the strap in then we noticed a ship, more than likely the one were just on, start spinning at extreme speeds and then finally cut go vertically towards the Ethereal ship and collide with it. Working like a chainsaw it ripped the ship apart by sacrificing itself. After turning back, Burnie told us all to remain seated and then jumped the ship. Right before we jumped though, we all saw the sun start to super nova and I for one, peed a little.

Once in the new system Burnie told us all not to move, again, then teleported out using the pad. Confused as hell we all looked around and noticed the ship was on fire and we were, what could only be described as, falling. Realizing we were entering a planets atmosphere I panicked and tried to remember my training not to freak out like this. His Highness was calmly playing cards, Tarkus had his hands in the air like he just didn’t care, and the Doctor was confident we would be okay, he even offered to fly us down. Once the fire stopped the Prince said something that I didn’t quite hear because of the rush of wind and the ship slowed, but not by enough. The planet below us was getting bigger, fast. For the next few moments I went over my life for what felt like the 100th time. Realizing I had almost died too many times I decided that I didn’t want to die like this and hoped for something or someone to stop us from crashing into the planet.

Well someone did. Two someones. Burnie had teleported out and made his way to the planet and Conway had gotten Logan to fly him to the planet and both of them using their telekinesis slowed the ship down and stopped us from exploding. Conway was hurt pretty bad from this, but he did manage to survive thanks to the Doctor being right there.

Burnie looked different. He wasn’t his normally jubilant self at all. He was serious and he was mad. He explained that the Ethereal had used the bomb used to wipe the humans 1.0 out on the Grey species. Quickly putting two and two together we asked how we were supposed to fight the Ethereals now without the Grey fleet. He explained the ship he teleported us to was not a fighter or anything like that, it was a construction ship. It had on it 12 replicators capable of creating just about everything we could ever want. He told us that all the rules about keeping technology away from us until we learned how to use it was off because, frankly, there was no one to stop him presently. “This is a one time thing” he said, “once this last fight is over, the technology will be change back to how it originally worked”.

All he said was one of the replicators was his because he needed to make something. The other eleven were ours to use and make whatever we could dream of.

The war is back on. Hoorah.


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After Action Report # 41AB6
HurstGM Kaliss

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