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So well i learned a few things this week. One humans are nervous around crude nuclear weapons and if you know thier launch codes they get all butt nervous. Not sure how thier butts get nervous, however apparently they do. Humans seem to be mildy obseesed with asses. Sometimes not mildly. Im suprised as to how much they do with the grossest parts of thier bodies, but hey they still reproduce sexually. I filed a scientific report about the shield modifications we did to create the radiological differental drive and the use of the nuke to act like a sonar pulse. Both caused quite a stir.

Anyway this log is more about the recovery of Private Scarlett Johanson. I have determined she is not a skinless nor was any of her organs removed and cloned. The humans could not detect this as the skinless medical technology is lightyears ahead of thiers. While Grey medical technology is not as advanced we do know what to look for. There were medical procedures done on her brain. More than the parasite currently invading her body. They placed things in her brain and then removed them. While they took great care not to damage her the point of the operations are currently unknown.

She has her lucid moments where I was able to probe her mind, with the Admierals and her permission of course, inside i found some very disturbing thoughts and memories. She saw Etherials first hand. They came and did some of the procedures themselves on her. Left her awake and aware as they cut into her brain. Only reason I can think for this would be to gauge her responses but they never asked her any questions. Once they were finished the fitted her with the OCM and let her work on the multipul system intergration. She admits to trying to sabotage it as much as she could but we more or less unsucessful.

The Ethierals are up to something. Something big, but they are not ready yet and might not be for a while. I have managed to disable its ability to transmit any psionic signals so it cant be tracked. IM thinking thier plan has something to do with Earth, but who really knows. Whatever they are planning I belive it has something to do with the psionic abilites of humans. The area they probed is the once active section of the human psionic center of their brain. It was not stimulated or enhanced in any way if nothing else it just looks like they probed it down to the subatomic level.

The expanse we are entering is one created by a super weapon in the last war. Even my species has kept out. not becuase of any superstition but because we saw little of value that could be inside. Plus we estimated that the cloud would not disperse for a few million years. Suprisingly my sonar torpedo discovered there is a negative space like a vaccume not too far into the cloud. Too far for the humans to travel without FTL in any reasonable ammount of time. So I set up a radiological differintal drive with the shields allowing them to move faster.

I find my self anticipating our arrival into the expanse. This is going to be a completely new and unexplored area and I will be the first of my kind to see it. I cant wait to share it with the hive. Oh wait i cant connect to the hive anymore. Admirel had better keep us all alvoe or (thud)


HurstGM HurstGM

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