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So life goes on or at least moves in a linear temporal direction well most of the time anyway. I wont talk about when it doesnt tends to give humans headaches plus if they get mad over nukes they would really get pissed with a temporal quandry. Anyway so they killed an etherial well Jeb killed him and his wife is PISSED. The robe is a computer and data storage medium. I managed to get quite a bit off of it initally. Now 34 teraquads of data all about the diffrent ways to murder Jeb was not very useful from an intelligence standpoint and some of it i considered anitomically impossible without serious surgical alterations. Of course then I saw the alterations in the data so she can and will do it. 34 teraquads of how Jeb can die and she intends to do each one to him. Not sure im going to tell him about that.

Anyway despite him being cut off from his race for so long there was a wealth of data about him and his race and to a limited degree his technology. Most of this is old news for the hive but for me its all new. First thier psionic frequency is close enough to mine we can use one anothers technology unless its gene tagged. Next thier psi abilites are diffrent enough that any counter measures we have for internal security will not work on them. Putting them in some kind of anti psichic field is out.

They have overcome some of the humans anti psychic field and they can interfere with all of their weapons systems. Aside from a good old fashioned fist. They have also isolated the series of genes that create the field and after considerable time and bread it out of humans, but its easier to just blow them up. I alos know why now they humans were attacked and why they have come back. The Jusitsunghsyerbllaya oh uh “ancients” are dead or not here anymore. Thier listining outposts have been monitoring certain signals for lack of a better word that the ancients were putting out. More and more of those signals fell silent. They belive that we are undefended. Cant say they were wrong.

Anyway they have no concept of modern humans so thier tatics were very much overkill. They thought that humans 1.0 were still out and about using ancient technology and with all of thier powers. In fact they thought that the Tasar bomb failed. Thats why they wiped out humans with such violence. They feared them. They belive that humans hold the key to thier victory. Most of the tatical data is currently out of date so fleet deployments and other data are useless but there are some things that still apply.

Now i dont think that even the sanctuary has the ability to harm thier warships, but by the same token without the aid of conventional sensors and other helpers the ships them selves cannot target humans. While the Etherials can look and see humans they cannot sense them. Thier ships rely on psionic sensors to target and they cannot see humans in that fashion. but if they have skinless or even the crystals with them then well they can use the more crude standard sensors. Of course the standard beam weapons can cut the sanctuary in half, but i digress.

Also we have one other main advantage. The ship cannot contact the others. Any of the others. What makes me wonder is that she only sent out six signals. Of course that could be to six major battle fleets in her time but who knows. Right now she is trapped and angry. She cant leave the expanse because the radiation would kill her and she cant jump out becuase every thing has moved. That and she has a crainial rectal impaction to preform on Jeb before she can go. Sweet they are serving blue jello in the mess hall.


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