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Welcome to the new fleet news network all the news about the fleet you need to know.

The outcome of the battle between the Uss Semper Fidelis and the USS Female of the Species ended the way it was expected with LCDR Jebediah Edmunton Bartholomew Stuart IV winning the battle. While the younger Captain put up a valliant fight he was no match for the brilliant stratagies and tatics of the veteran XO. The fleet watched with bated breath with every hit and attack run. We take comfort in the fact that two great warriors are here to cover the fleet.

The new colony ship has opened and 20,000 children grace its halls with laughter every day. The ship has pediatric facilites for over 4,000 children at once and the rooms for those babies to grow and learn. The Squids also outfitted the ship with shields and enough point defense lasers to stop most threats. Last is can be used as a focal point for the fleet to use the linked jumps demonstrated buy the other human fleet. All Captains should learn the procedures for linked jumping in case a long range jump is needed.

The Admiral has decided that once the current scouting operations are over he is leading an expition into the Metrion Expanse. His plan is to find more supplies in the expanse. Due to the high radiation in the area only the USS Sanctuary will be exploring for the supplies while the rest of the fleet is on the move with the other military ships at their command. We will have a pair of reporters on board the ship to have first hand accounts of the mission into the expanse. Stay tuned for more information.

In the next issue we have an interview from a senior officer on the military structure. you can vote here on who you want to hear from.


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