Admiral Johnathan Ladson

Comander USS Sactuary


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Admiral Jonathan Alistair Ladston
Age 43
Commander USS Sanctuary and last of human civilian fleet
Call Sign: None
Current Security Clearance: Level 9 Command Clearance USS Nimitz
Former Posting:
Commanding officer USS Nimitz
1st officer USS Delta Ray
Awarded Silver Star during the war with the Kedi V’Sontrak for heroic actions after the bridge was hit on the Delta Ray. Coordinated counter boarding, and boarding procedure while continuing a firefight with three cruisers. The battle was won as he held out by commandeering a cruiser and holding off planet fall until UNSC forces could arise and repel the rest of the fleet.

Awarded the bronze star after holding an unknown force off the bridge of a damaged freighter for six hours till help arrived. Was the only military personnel on board at the time of the attack.

Worked through the ranks after graduating from the academy as a navigator and jump master.

Admiral Johnathan Ladson

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