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Captain Rebecca Douglas
Age 34
Commander USS Female of the Species
Call Sign: Raven Queen
Current Security Clearance: Level 3 Command Clearance USS Heart of Midlothian
Former Posting:
Tatical Officer USS Denamrk
Cordinated assault on space station Romeo 6 and rescued 16 hostages.
Lead Counter boarding action as an ensine abord the USS Ace of Spades during a first contact mission gone bad.

A former tatical officer on the USS Denmark she was promoted to Captain and was given the assigment to accompany the Heart ofthe Midlothian on a survey mission. After the wolds ended she found herself with a ship full of scientists and no where to run. Almost by accident she found several civilian ships and the Uss Semper Fidelis and banded together to form the fleet the best they could. After a few close calls and some damage they found the Spirit of Fire and due to tatical order 177 gave command of the fleet over to them.
Now that the skin jobs have been revield and the Heart of Midlothian traded for the colony ship she has been givne command of the USS Female of the Species. She is ready and willing to take that little destroyer into the thick of combat and prove how dangerous a human woman can be with a multi metric ton starship can be.


Captain Rebecca Douglas

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