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The former Gunny of the last UNSC MArine contenget recently raised to Colonel by Commander Jeb. His was a life long enlisted man who was hell bent on getting his men including idiot butterbars out alive. His knowlage of Marine and known Xeno tatcis is nothing short of encylopedic and he prefers leading from the front often wanting to take point in many engaements. His is an expert marksman with both the standard UNSC laser rifle and gauss rifle and just barley passed his pistol qualifications. When asked why he did not train with the pistol he simply told the instructor, “A sidearms only for fighting your way back to the long arm you should have not lost in the first place.”

Right now he is adjusting to the new life and position he has. Including promoting a couple of wild but lethal soliders into second and third in command and getting used the being called, “sir”. His new UNSC profile picture was taken by a first day UNSC Marine who chased him down calling out “Sir I need your picture for your new profile in the computer. SIR!” The picture got taken but no one has the balls to ask him for another.


Colonel Samson

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