Captain David Valentine

A military trained sniper who is an expert shot. Current Commander Uss Semper Fidelis


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Player Name Brady Attributes Value Bonus\Penalty
Character Name David Valentine Intelligence 10 +15
Level 5 Perception 10 +15
Experience Level 160 Willpower 5 0
Max Load 70 lbs. Current: 74 lbs. Charisma 1 -10
Reflex 40 Strength 6 +3
Serenity 100% Endurance 6 +3
Hit Points 144 Agility 8 +10 (18 FPS)

Perk Effect
Smart Ass +3 Intelligence
Advantages Effect
Weapon Dependence +10% Long Arms
Dodge Ball Fanatic +1 Agility

Armor Weight Ballistic Ablative Cutting Energy Radiation
Mark IV Sniper/Spotter Combat Suit 15 lbs. 60 lbs. if not worn 70 70 50 250 0
Weapons Damage Range Payload Ammunition Skill Special
PTR-91V 35/105 2000 30 3 round burst 125 Red Dot Sight +15%. Optional Silencer.
12.7mm Gauss Sniper Rifle 120 5000 15 Semi-auto 135 Requires STR 6 or -10% per shot. Military Scope +20%. Custom Grips +5%.
M-37 Havoc Sidearm 55 300 14 Semi-auto 70

General Skill Package Governing Attribute Skill %
Urban Survival Willpower 40
Wilderness Survival Willpower 40
Small Arms Agility 60
Foraging Willpower 30
Scavenging Perception 45
Basic Electronics Intelligence 40
Basic Mechanics Intelligence 40
Basic Math Intelligence 40
Stealth Agility 80 (+10%)
Pilot Automobile Agility 35
Primary Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +15 Primary
Combat EVA Endurance 90
Camouflage Perception 85
Long Arms Agility 100 (+20%)
Search Perception 100
Sniper Agility 80
Secondary Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +10 Secondary
Spotter Intelligence 100 (+10%)
Forward Observer Perception 55
Armorer Intelligence 86
Breath Control Willpower 45
Body Control Willpower 45
Tertiary Skills Governing Attributes Skill % +5 Tertiary
Meditation Willpower 40
Algebra Intelligence 35
Military Etticut Intelligence 45
Navigation Intelligence 60
Orienteering Perception 45
Techniques Governing Skill Skill %
Body Part Targeting (Head) Weapon (Long Arms) 10

Equipment Weight Effect (if any) Special
.243 magazine x7 7 lbs. 3 standard clips. 2 clip ARP. 2 clip HP
12.7mm magazine x3 3 lbs. Gauss capable rounds.
.45 magazine x3 1 lbs. All standard clips.
Mark IV Combat suit Above. +10% Long Arms and +10% Spotter. Bonus +10% Stealth (modified).
Red Dot Sight (PTR-91V) Attached. +15% aimed and burst shots
Silencer (PTR-91V—) 1 lbs. -20% damage but all shots are silenced.
Military Scope (12.7mm Gauss Rifle) Attached. X20 Magnification (reduces range penalty by 8 levels) +20% Single shot.
Custom Grips (12.7mm Gauss Rifle) Attached. +5% all shots
Red Dot Sight (M-37 Havoc) Attached. +15% aimed and burst shots
Custom Grips (M-37 Havoc) Attached. +5% all shots
Survival Pack 15 lbs. 1 week supply of food and water. Aspirin included. Quick release straps for combat situations.

Val, as anyone who knows him calls him, joined the military after graduating high school. Not interested in science, business or any other type of job he decided to help protect and serve his country. In training he was found to be an exceptional shot and was moved to the sniper division. While there no one could keep up with his accuracy and speed. After impressing his superiors he was given additional training in how to conceal himself using body control, camouflage and stealth. He also received training on how to survive by himself in the wilderness and urban environments because the type of missions he qualified for were lone operations in scarcely populated areas.

Upon graduating basic training with his newly developed skills he was sent to the colony Gamma Arietis to deal with pirates stealing from the local population. It took Val a week to find the group’s hideout, but only a couple of minutes to pick off every single one of them. After completing his mission he returned to the star port and was moved onto several different ships until finally he was on his way home.

Unfortunately, as he left on his journey home that is when The Enemy unleashed it’s attack. The ship he was on managed to survive the devastation by luck of being in transit. After the situation was clear, they heard hope from a radio broadcast. A ship calling itself the USS Sanctuary was rallying all remaining survivors. The whole ship Val was aboard agreed to attempt to rendezvous with the USS Sanctuary.

Captain David Valentine

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