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A reptilian race who’s technological level is close to ours. Their ships are flat, sharp, and sleek with a molted brown and green texture on the outside similar to old camouflage from Earth. It appears they rely more on slug throwers for weapons but they do possess energy weapons and shields. We have some information on their military structure and collies from the first contact war we had with them.

Military they are not arrange too differently from us. They have officers and enlisted and a non-combat classification. However like their civilian counterparts there is a strict caste system and to our knowledge you are not allowed to move up or down beyond your station. As far was our intelligence goes soldiers like the other members of their society are bred and given no choice. However this appears to be the norm for them and accepted by everyone. They seem to have a highly focused but not a highly trained force as soldiers are easy to come by due to high breeding.

Civilians have a caste system and each person is born into their job and life from their initial hatching. There are no parents in the classic sense and each brood takes care of their young with in a community. Artisans, mechanics, shipwrights, every class of society lives in their own broods with little to no cross breeding with other broods. Everything is taught by practical training and by oral tradition. New knowledge is gained organically as broods figure out new and more effect ways to do their jobs. This might be one of the slowest methods of gaining knowledge but the Kedi V’Sontrak growth rate is very high. This has lead them to having a similar technological advancement timeline as we have.

Their lasers, shields, and hull all seem to be at the same technological level as ours. Their slug throwers are more advanced being lighter and they seem to possess sub munitions we do not, like plasma rounds. However in the areas on computers and power armor they seem to be behind us. Their FTL also seems to be less efficient as in the cannot cover as many light years per jump. However this can be a side effect from less powerful computers.

Our war of first contact was a direct result of a lack of understanding on both sides linguistically and a difference in how each of us sees territory. The Kedi V’Sontrak see no land as property as broods grow and shrink property changes hands frequently so where you are standing is all you can “own”. Humans do not see things the same way and we considered their colonization of the same solar system a potential hostile act. They have a hard time hearing and understanding our language making negations difficult and at first impossible. Before the two sides could understand one another the shooting started between the colonial defensive fleet and the Kedi V’Sontrak military. The next two year war cost millions of credits and thousands of lives. In the end the war stopped abruptly as the Kedi V’Sontrak simply evacuated their colony and retreated from their front lines.

Not long after earnest negations started between the two races and borders were clearly defined. The treaty signed on the newly christened USS Missouri simply put was a you leave us alone we leave you alone arrangement. Sense that time the only direct contact we have had was during a join operation between the USS Sanctuary and the Dragon. By combining forces they were able to complete their mission.

While being forthcoming about the damage they suffered and the attacks from the enemy on their own colonies the Kedi V’Sontrak continue to be slightly xenophobic. According to the data gathered during the join operation they suffered a similar attacks. Most if not all of their colonies had been obliterated in coordinated attacks. We have no details to confirm this but if it did occur as we are lead to believe then they were attacked at the same time we were.


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Kedi V’Sontrak

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