Logan Ian Arthur

Starship Pilot


Capitol Ships









The Enemy

Current Resources

HP: 190
Exp: 26
Level: 2
Height 6’4’’
Weight 300lbs
Reflex: 65%
Loadout: 90lbs
Int: 10
Wil: 7
Cha: 8
Str: 10
Agi: 9
End: 9
Per: 9

Perk: Moon Unit +15% to space
too many video games: +10 reflex
extra training: +10 to energy pistol
Hard drinker: can drink twice as much

Space Brat
I Basic Math 65
I Basic Starship Repair 65
A Zero Gee Movement 58
I Computer Operations 45
A Pilot Shuttle 80
I Computer Programming 50
W Breath Control 32
I Stellar Communications 55
I EVA 55
I Language English 98
I Literacy English 65

Primary Skills +15%
I Pilot Starship Dreadnaught 90
I Fire Control System 80
C Fast Talking 70
I Lydar System 80
I Gambling 75

Secondary Skills +10%
C Carousing 40
A Energy Pistol 78
A Hand to Hand Street Fighting 68 P:22 K:24 G:22 -15 to KO
I Damage Control 70
A Palming 53

Third Skills +5%
I Pilot Spaceship Small 65
P First Aid 38
A Pick Pocket 53
A Long Arms 53
I Games 25

Home Skills +0%
E Swimming 28
W Fishing 28
P Cooking 23

New Skills
I Pilot Spaceship Large 40
I Pilot Spaceship Medium 40


Infantry Armor
B: 50
A: 50
C: 50
R: 0
E: 100

Laser T7-Magnum 50 dmg 15 load 800 ft
+30 to strike 6 mags
Plasma X3-Magnum 60 dmg 7 load 700 ft
6 mags
Ballista Spaz 80 dmg 12 load 125 ft
-20 to reflex 4 mags
Gore Comabt Knife 35 dmg


Logan Ian Arthur hails from the Clan MacArthur

The MacArthur clan is the first of Scottish clans to move to space, they at first were going to be one of the clans to help colonize one of the new planets. They found they enjoyed living on a ship more so decided to be the very first spaceship Scottish clan. Logan was born onto the USS MacArthur, he has lived there for 20 years before joining the military in order to become a starship pilot.

Logan’s love for flying comes from the years of watching his father fly the USS MacArthur, from an early age he learned many things about ships, when he was old enough to start pulling more weight by flying the shuttle that helped reinforce his goal of one day becoming a starship pilot.

Life aboard the MacArthur was fun and Logan enjoyed it he learned how to help maintain the ship, moving around the ship when there artificial gravity was being repaired, learning to fly the shuttle was very fun for Logan. Being able to send messages to the MacArthur was crucial while flying the shuttle and was a skill picked up very fast by Logan, going EVA was also a fun experience for Logan.

Logan Ian Arthur

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