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She is the technical cordinator of the Sanctuary. She used to be behind the counter at the geek squad on her way to Titan 7 before the war. Her primary responsibility is to keep the computers running as best she can. While most consider her to be a soft demure woman due to her job and a lack of general agression and that irritating permasmile on her face there lies and leathal weapon. During a boarding engagment by the enemy she singlehandedly picked up a gauss rifle and obliteraed six of them while holding the computer room and maintaing the system while under fire.

When ask by the Admiral where she learned to shoot like that she smiled and said, “Halo 14. Its super realistic.” If you need a computer system maintained or fixed then she is your woman, unless you need someone to shoot off thier face too then she is also you woman.


Currently Missing in Action after being abducted in a boarding action from unknown forces. Her recovery is considered a top priority.

Was recovered duing a mission to destroy a Entherial Superweapon to be used on the Squids. She was operated on surgically, fitted with some kind of orgainc controller and forced to work on a systems intigration on the super weapon. She is currently in the brig as a saftey measure due to the controller still being attached. Currently the only known treatment is a close blast from an Ion Weapon and immidate surgery to remove the bigger parts. Currently wating for the ion weapon.

Private Scarlett Johanson

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