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The Enemy

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The Enemy is by far the most exnophobic and deadly species that humanity has ever faced. Thier ships are made of some kind of crystal as are thier bodies. Very little is know about them or thier objectves. Right now the only thing that is known is they have powerful technology and use biological, chemical, and nuclear warfare on all planets they come across. It appears they do not want to negoiate or keep the territory. Thier only interst seems to be in destruction.

This information is Classifed top secret and should not be veiwed or shared with anyone without a level 9 command clearance. Any breach of this is considered a capital offence under the UCMJ.

Lasers do not hurt them but work like flashbangs.
They communicate though infra red and ultra violiet point to point systems. This seems to be both for thier individuals and spacships
They have personal kinetic shield not sure how this is possible not technolgy as far as current data supports
They have more in common with computers and are a silicon based lifeform
Electricity seems to energize them
They are immune to radiation and Powerful EM fields have random effects on them.

Humanity has now faced it’s most deadly enemy. All colonies of Earth and the home world have been wiped out. Right now we are on the run for our lives and this is the curret intellegence regaurding the attackers. Much of this information should be considered suspect to change. Many of the reports compiled here are lidar readings from civilan ships, comm and sensor relay readings, and the first hand eye witness reports from surviors and combat officers aboard the USS Sanctuary.

Right now we estimate the enemy fleet to be around 200 Battleships, 1000 crusiers, 4000 Destroyers, 10000 frigates. This is an estimation based on the numbers used on the colonies from the surviving ships that escape the attacks. This is the fleet numbers in human space and does not include the numbers from the Kedi V’Sontrak space sectors.

Thier ships are made of some kind on black obsidian like crystal structure. From what we can surmise based on limited time to study the structure is stronger than the tritainum we use in our hulls. It also is completely immune to laser weapons. Plasma seems as effective as always. Good news is it seems that slug throwers are more effective as they shatter the crystal structure. This appears to be true of both the ships and the creatures themselves.

Thier ships are as large as ours and there have been some reports of ships twice as large as the Sanctuary. Thier vessles are all angles and slants of solid black crystal. There are no engine ports, weapons pods or gun portholes, air locks or fighter bays. The ships beam weapons just appear on the hull of thier vessles and fire out at the enemy. We have not seen the egress of thier fighters or them firing missles. Thier ships right now are a mystery as we do not know what type of sensors they use or even how they communitcate.

In all our engagements we have not heard or detected a single EM signal nor have we detected any kind of lock on. Right now the only thing we do know is that some of our missle spoofing technology does work. However we dont know if any of our stealth technology will work. We got lucky that the sensor operator on the bridge of the USS Nimitz realized that the enemy ships create sensor holes and programmed the sensors to lock onto those holes.

The creatures themselves appear to be made out of the same matirerals as the ships. The diffrence is the creatures have some kind of clear ichor in their systems. We are not sure if this is some kind of nutrent blood or hydrolic fluid. Frankly we dont know anything beyond they are mean and vicious. We have seen them exisit in a vaccume and in regular atmosphere. right now we have not found a temperature high or low. These monsters are very resilant.

They make no attempt to communicate and we have not heard any kinds of voclizations aside from some strange hissing sound. All scientific stuides right now are currently suspended as we have more immiedate concerns.

Right now what we know about the enemy for sure is this. Theya are very powerful, are not afriad of us, and are out to kill us.


Estimated strength

Hp 400
Armor Ballistic: 30 Ablative: none Cutting: 100 Energy: none

Technology: kinetic shield Unnknown power level
Personal Shields estimated to be 300+
Arm cannon: Fires slugs of crystal shards Estimated damage 30+ per shard typically fired in 3 round bursts.
Armor: unknown asssumed none
Weakesses: Unknown

The Enemy Ships

Prism cannont Energy dampenert

The Enemy

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