Vincent Smithfield

A highly revered and celebrated Doctor, who's bedside manner requires a 12.7mm clip.


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A medical doctor who graduated at the top of his class being a Surgeon MD, having a PhD in Chemistry and Biology, while also holding a double major PhD in Genetics and Bio Engineering. Doctor Smithfield is a renowned medical expert, who’s not only written numerous books which are often used as textbooks in graduate courses, but who has also made incredible discoveries for the betterment of mankind. In fact, it was Doctor Smithfield who created the carbon-based protein structures that allows for nanobots to create rapid regeneration in humans. Without the totipotent lipid based hormones released by these extremely complex macromolecule structures, the nanobots would be attacked by the human immune system, making this technology impossible.

Vincent in his combat armor.

Though ever since the collapse of mankind he’s been forced to take up other, more lethal, uses of science and skill. Practicing diligently with firearms daily, and studying the use of herbs for potent and organic poisons. He’s a man who has always been the best in everything he’s done: school, college, sports, and even the gun range. Vincent has yet to come across an obstacle that he couldn’t overcome with relative ease. It’s because of his acute intelligence, that he is able to figure out a solution to any problem. Although, because problems never seem to hinder him; he has little fear of anything, least of all the unknown. He chases after anything that might provide him with a challenge, or grant him knowledge he did not previously know.

Most men fear that what they do not know, but Vincent’s motto has always been a simple one:
“Replace fear of the unknown, with curiosity.”

Despite all this, his colleagues created these cartoons of him to express their opinion of him.

Player Name Derek Attributes Value Bonus\Penalty
Character Name Vincent Smithfield Intelligence 11 +18
Level 5 Perception 6 +3
Experience Level 207 Willpower 7 +7
Max Load 70 lbs Charisma 4 -2
Reflex 46 Strength 6 +3
Serenity 100% Endurance 7 +7
Hit Points 150 Agility 8 +10 (18 fps)
Wounds _ Vital Wounds _

Perk Effect
He’s Dead Jim +15% to all medical skills
Advantages Effect
Stupidly Fast x4 sprint speed
Needs Less Sleep only 6 hours a day
Smarty Pants + 1 Intelligence
Disadvantages Effect
Curious Will check to not investigate something weird
Overconfident No failure warnings, ever (doesn’t matter though, because he never fails)

Armor Weight Ballistic Ablative Cutting Energy Radiation
Mark II Body Armor 12 lbs 50 50 40 150 0

Weapon Damage Range Payload Ammunition Skill Special Weight
H-to-H Military P: 14 K: 15 G: 12 None 50 -15 skill check to KO
G-476653 70 500’ 7 Gauss 80 -10% to every shot over single 8 lbs
G-982645 70/210 500’ 30 Gauss 80 single/burst 10 lbs
Weapon Modifications Bonuses
Pistol Custom Grips, Laser Pointer, Red Dot Sight + 15%, or + 30% when aimed
SMG Custom Grips, Laser Pointer, Red Dot Sight + 15%, or + 30% for aimed or burst

Equipment Weight Effect (If Any) Special
Platoon Sized Medic Pack 20 lbs +20% MD, Surgeon, and Field Surgery
Advanced Field Sample and Experiment Kit 20 lbs +15% to appropriate science skill (approved by the GM)
VISION 2 lbs +10% to the appropriate skill after a successful operations roll. +20% on a roll of 1-5% (Considered an improved critical range)
Gauss Clips x 15 5 lbs
Total Weight 77 out of 70 lbs.
Equipment taken, but left in Shuttle Weight Effect (If Any) Special
Biological Storage Crate 400 lbs Organic Chemistry, Biology, Diagnosis, Chemistry Pharmaceutical, Herb Lore, poison and forensics +25%

Primary Skills Governing Attribute Skill %
Medical Doctor Intelligence 118
Surgeon Intelligence 113
Field Surgery Agility 110
Chemistry Intelligence 88
Diagnosis Perception 99

Secondary Skills Governing Attribute Skill %
Bio Engineering Intelligence 88
Biology Intelligence 58
Genetics Intelligence 53
Organic Chemistry Intelligence 73
Pharmacy Intelligence 68

Tertiary Skills Governing Attribute Skill %
Small Arms Agility 90
Herb Lore Intelligence 63
Poison Intelligence 63
Anatomy Intelligence 73
Physiology Intelligence 63

Misc Skills Governing Attribute Skill %
Hand to Hand Military Agility 60
First Aid Perception 43
Medical Electronics Operation Perception 48
Sports (Rugby) Strength +1 to Strength

Vincent Smithfield

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