Biological Storage Crate


One of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment in the UNSC’s arsenal of scientific equipment used to analyze biological samples in a field environment. This crate has a portable lab that can do basic test unsupervised of most biological samples. With the appropriate personnel it can do more complicated experiments. The on board computer can analyze data and present reports on the experiments run and can help identify substances with the entire library of UNSC biological data in its memory banks. The crate has variable sized storage containers that can be set to almost any environmental settings. (Requires a successful Medical Electronics operations roll) Each of those compartments is completely hermetically sealed and can properly contain the most dangerous biological samples.

Properly manned with the right technical and medical expertise this system can organize and annualize an entire town of 2000 people in less than 8 hours. However this crate is very heavy and takes up a lot of room it can be crammed in a J bird but leaves no room for crew other than the J bird crew. Typically it is taken down in a shuttle.

Weight 400 Lbs. (BIG table top height crate)
Bonus: Organic Chemistry, Biology, Diagnosis, Chemistry Pharmaceutical, Herb Lore, poison and forensics +25%


Biological Storage Crate

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