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We have faced them a number of times and given better than we have gotten. These vessles are the second largest in the enemy fleet. They are faster at sublight and more manuverable. We belive this is becuase aside from the structural renforcements they dont use inertial dampening fields like we do. That could be becuase thier soliders are rocks and not flesh and blood. Thier ships have powerful shields and more comprehensive kenetic shields than ours. Our primary advantage appears to be the SLAC cannons and tatics. As it stands now the Sactuary is more than a match for them.

Thier weapons are fomrmitable. So far we have only seen three deployed. One is a shard cannon that once it hits it seems to deploy the soliders we have begun to love. The shards seem to come from just about any place on the ship. Another is a plasma weapon that again comes from anywhere on the skin of the vessle. The plasma comes out as beams instead of the normal bolts. Last are thier missles. We can only guess at thier composition right now we belive them to be some kind of enhanced radiological antimatter device.

Shields, Kentic Shields, and boarding systems

Crytiline structure seems to be vunerable to solid projectiles, possible that the comm systems can be scramble by the laser cannons


Enemy Battleship

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