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The M-911 was developed to fire variable payload missiles and mortar rounds. In a stroke of brilliance the UNSC created a self-contained mortar/rocket round that could be reused in almost any situation. All the operator has to do is aim the weapon lock on target and fire. In rocket mode the missile will follow either the IFF or heat signatures locked on to can be fired dumb fire for a faster result. The initial launching system uses a smokeless catapult system and the rocket motor kicks in after the projectile has left the tube. This rocket travels at near the speed of sound for knocking out air craft and low flying mechs. Warning using the active targeting system WILL ping active lock on and you could be fired on!

The mortar system uses the same warhead and ammunition but can be set so there is no con trail, active lock on and can do a general mortal bombardment of an area. ONLY an appropriately trained individual should use this weapon.

M-911 Everyman
Weight 18 lbs.
Range: rocket 10 seconds burn time at .34 kps (max range 3.4 k)
Range as a mortar 2k
Damage depends on warhead system will adjust for warhead size automatically


M-911 Rocket Launcher

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