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The human empire was huge with millions of solders on over 20 worlds and in space. They needed a single suit capable of filling every role in the UNSC. The end result of that research was the Mark IV variable combat armor. It was created on earth by the UNSC military not trusting outside contractors to develop the system for security reasons.

The suits themselves are sophisticated exoskeletons. Each suit has armor is capable of repelling almost any attack to some degree and shields heavy enough to ward off heavy energy fire. Each suit has compartments for weapons and equipment (like ammunition), a H.U.D, camel back, compass, rangefinder, night vision sensors, flashlights, enhanced communications system, point to point laser communication systems, and fast tex removable armor plates for quick access in case of trauma.

What really set the suits apart was the variable harnesses that attach on the shoulders, arms hips and legs enhancing just about every job the UNSC. Heavy gunners can have a smart harness for gun assisting in reliving the weight of some of the heavier machine guns and allow for more accurate suppressive fire and burst shooting. EOD tech find themselves using an electronic “sniffer” to hunt for explosives and loving the enhanced shields offered to protect them from bomb blasts. Each suit can provide a specialized use with just a change of the armored vest. The end result was one piece of armor that could fulfill all the specialized needs of the UNSC.

Military armor Weight Wearing Weight Ballistic Ablative Cutting Energy Radiation EVA Capable Level
Mark IV 60 lbs 20 lbs 70 70 50 250 0 Yes Combat EVA 60
Attachment Effect Weight Description
Field Medic +10% to all field surgery +10% diagnoisis 10 Lbs. Extra medication, bandages, and sensors related to battlefield trauma
Heavy Gunner +10% Heavy Weapons no crew serve penalty 15 Lbs. a support harness used to help brace a heavy weapon while standing and firing
Infantry +10% Long arms +10% reflex 7 lbs. Enhanced midrange auto tracking H.U.D used to acquire targets faster and react to threats in CQB
EOD +10% Demolitions Disposal can Double shield power for 3 minutes 25 lbs Enhanced shield emitters and scanners to detect explosive ordnance
Sniper/Spotter +10% Long rifle +10% spotter 12lbs. Computer assisted gyro stabilized shooting and enhanced computer wind age elevation and ballistic trajectories projected onto the H.U.D
Mechanic/Armorer +10% to any mechanics skill 10% Armorer 18 lbs. Tools scanners and a library computer of damn near every manual ever made
Bording/Assault +10% Forced Entry +10% Demolitions 20 lbs. Magnetic Graple hooked to small wench fired from a small gauss accelerator. Plasma torce for cutting though hulls and electrocharged gell to cut thought hulls silently.

Mark IV Variable Combat Suit

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