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This is the lead carrier vessle and the long arm of the law for the Golandorian Empire. Its own weapons systems are limited to defensive systems only wiht things simlar to our flack and cwis sytems or at least the plant based versions of them. The real danger of this ship is the interceptors, space superiority fighters, and bombers in its hull. They can release waves of these vessles and are experts at swarming and overwhelming any ships defences. Thier bombers actually use antimatter warheads and thier ships carry a verity of weapons including lasers, some kind of acidic hull eating bomb, and a plamsa device as well.

While we now know that the ships are mostl organic plant based they have technology as well and the bled seems to have created a vessle with enough power to enforce thier borders. Despite the long range and vaious ships this vessle much like the aircraft carriers of the ancitent naval empires are never unsecorted. Or at least almost never.

Shields: Estmated Class X Capitol Ship Shields
Kenetic Shields: Unknown
Armor: Unknown Compostion. Suspected that they have some kind of regeneration capeablity
Defensive Weapons: CWIS, and Flack systems
Offensive Weapons: None aside from fighters

Estimated fighter complement:
Interceptors: 100
Space Superority: 200
Bombers: 100


Shrell Class Carrier

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