Standard UNSC Survival Pack


This is the basic UNSC survival pack issued to everyone that travels off planet. Included in this pack are all the items a person might need to survive in most environments. This pack takes up HALF of the backpack regardless of weight. However many find it indispensable and will not leave home without it.

Weight 20 lbs.

Included are the following items.
A two man tent about the size of a paperback book. (Granted it’s a thick one)
A sleeping bag
Flash light and extra batteries (about 6 hours of light per set of batteries)
Compass +10% Land navigation and Orienteering rolls
Mini first aid kit with bandages pressure wraps ect.
Survival knife with hunting and fishing kit in the hilt. Fishing line hooks, snare wire, and a tiny pulley
Saw Wire a super rugged high tensile strength serrated wire with rings as a handle
Fire starter Aviation fire starter kit useful for starting hundreds of fires
Small Hatchet
Four signal flares
30’ of light weight climbing cord
Pair of climbing gloves
Four spikes
Bar of soap and a wash cloth
16 oz. canteen
Food rations bag
2 MRE’s (-10% serenity for 24 hours after eating these)


Standard UNSC Survival Pack

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