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This crusier hase been optimized for boarding and Marine combat. It houses 2,000 Marines ready for any kind of combat. As a crusier it is capable of atmospheric reentry and takeoff and has an array of weapons used to support ground troops and disable other ships. Right now she is under the command of Captain David Valentine. And her Marines are itching to get out and get some on the enemy that has been houding humanity.

Ship Class Cruiser Attributes Value Bonus\Penalty
Race Specifics Human Ships Computers Int 4 20
Hull Points (HP) 31,250 Ships Sensors Per 3 15
Crew 2,000 Backup Ships Systems Will 6 30
Tatical Systems 11 Power Core Str 5 25
Defensive Systems 11 Consumables Capacity End 6 30
Other Systems Varies Sublight Engines Agi 11 55
Serinity Rating 40 Habitability Cha 5 25

Sensor Range: 100k
Auxiliary Power: 25%
Top Speed: 8000 KPS (Str + Agi x 500kps= Max Speed)
Armor Complement: Composite Armor
Days of Supplies: 342

System Function Typical Location Hull Points if targeted specifically
Computer Core Organizes Systems and information Varies 12,500
Sensor Array Scans Space All over the ship 12,500
Life Support Provides Atmosphere All over the ship 18,750
Power Core Provides Power to ship Main Engineering 12,500
Kentic Shields Protects from micro meteroids Emitters on the Hull 18,750
Sublight Drive Allows to move at sublight speeds Aft Section 15,000
Jump Drive Allows FTL Engineering 12,500
Shield Emitters Provides Shields Each Side of the Hull 10,000/1,250 per generator
Tatical Systems Weapons All over 2,500 per slot cost
Defensive systems Defensive systems all over 2,500 per slot cost
Defensive Technology Range Damage Number Hull Points Description
Capitol Ship Shields Mark V Ship 5,000 per side 6 2,500 Variable protective shield
Flack System 5,000k 100 per array 3 2,500 A system that fires shrapnel to destroy missles and torpedos. Can be used to deny fighters
CWIS 2,000k 50 Ballistic 3 2,500 fires automatically at incoming missles. Can be tasked to fire on fighters as well
Offensive Technology Range Damage Number Hull Points Description
Plasma Battries 10,000k 1,000 3 2,500 Quad Plasma Battires x2 subsystems damage
Electromagnetic mass drivers 10,000k Sl:750 AS:600 4 2,500 Slug: +50% range Anti Ship: X2 sub systems damage
Missle Battries 15,000k/Orbit Sim: 200/Ham:500 2 2,500 Anti fighter/Orbital Missles
Fighter Bays Fighter Fighter 1 5,000 Tiny Fighter Bay 5 Jbirds
Other Systems Bonuses
Crew Pods (10) 100% Crew -100% Supplies
Expanded Suppies (10) 100% Supplies
Full Gym +5% Serinity
Munitons Factory Can create ammuntion
Entertainment Complex +5%
Trama Bay 200 beds
Comprehensive Range +5%
Waste Reclimation Unit 90% +90% More supplies

Uss Semper Fidelis

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