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This battleship was designed more along the lines of the Agies missle crusier on earth. It has a light fighter complement for a fighter screen and several defensive and offensive weapons systems. The primary weapons on the ship are the bays of torpedos at the bottoms of the ship. Based on reports in the field the ship can fire 25 fast burn antimatter warheads in a single volley. Even the Sactuary would have a hard time supressing that many at once. These missiles are rumored to be fast evasive and worse once locked on are nearly impossible to spoof.

The ship is equiped with EMRG cannons and laser battieres as an offensive weapons and shields, CWIS, and flack system as a defensive measure. It is also rumored that they have a regernative hull and the ship will repair itself from most damage with the proper matierals. Right now current fleet strenght is unknown.

Shields: Estmated Class VII Capitol Ship Shields
Kenetic Shields: Unknown
Armor: Unknown Compostion. Suspected that they have some kind of regeneration capeablity
Defensive Weapons: CWIS, and Flack systems
Offensive Weapons: Antimatter torpedos, EMRG cannons, laser Battieres

Estimated fighter complement:
Interceptors: 20
Space Superority: 10


Vardel Sha'rat Battlehip

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