Xeno-176 Battleship


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These are the standard warship or battleship sized weapons platform of the xeon-176 species. Right now while we have engaged them on a couple of occaions they have always delt severe damage despite being smaller and less powerful. Intelligence suggests that these are the crusier sized vessles. they have jump drives capable of small jumps with no cool down period shields as powerful as the Sanctuary. In addtion they have some kind of energy based torpedo system, a plasma cannon that is at least half as powerful as the sanctuary’s main cannon, and some kind of point defensive system that we beilve to be laser based.

However they do not have any kind of kenetic shieldsm but worse they have some kind of regenerative hull and witnesses have seen damage delt healed almost as quickly. If this is a crusier class a battleship would be the size of the Sanctuary and a Dreadnaught class would be twice the size and both would be capable of pummling us into oblivion.

Treat all of the hiveminded ships with extreame caution.


Xeno-176 Battleship

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