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Armor has been used and adapeted for thousnads of years. Even today there are defences to lasers, plasma and the other weapons used against our forces. The UNSC decided to make a few suits of armor that would protect against a moderate ammount of everything allowing soliders to live though as many diffrent senerios as they could come up with. There are also police and civilan armors often issued to merchant Marines and traders.

If it protects from engery it is equipped with a personal shield. There are some suites that will protect from radiation with out a shield. Any radiation damage is first deducted from the shield then the suit. They are noted with an *

If you do not meet the level of the armor you have a -x2 the diffence in your skill. EG your trying to fix a spaceship using a hardened EVA suit. Your EVA skill is 50 so you have a 10 point diffrence so all skills are -20%

If wearing armor the wieght only counts as 1/4 to your encombrance as it is spead out over the entire body as a load bearing system. EG you are holding an EVA suit and carring it across the ship in your arms. This would weight 40 lbs why? Its in your arms and not spread over your entire body. If you are wearing it then its only 10 lbs because you have spread the weight out.

Information about Personal Shields

This is just general information about armor suits. There may be some named armor suits or specific models that supply various better or worse attributes.

Civilan armor Weight Ballistic Ablative Cutting Energy Radiation Level
Police Vest 12lbs 75 0 40 0 0 none
Police Riot Armor 25lbs 100 0 40 0 0 none
Police Riot Shield 15lbs 75 50 60 0 0 all minimum damage is done to the arm holding the shield
Energy Riot Shield 10lbs 0 0 0 100 0 none
Emergancy EVA Suit 10lbs 0 0 0 0 30 none
Common EVA Suit 40lbs 20 20 60 0 40* EVA 30
Hardened EVA Suit 60lbs 30 60 60 0 80* EVA 60
Miltary armor Weight Ballistic Ablative Cutting Energy Radiation EVA Capeable Level
Mark I Body Armor 40lbs 40 40 40 120 0 No None
Mark II Body Armor 45lbs 50 50 40 150 0 No None
Mark III Body Armor 50lbs 60 60 40 200 0 Yes Combat EVA 40
Mark IV Variable Combat Suit 60 lbs 70 70 50 250 0 Yes Combat EVA 60


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