Capital Ships

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Capitol Ships






Capital Ships

This area contains the specific information about the military and civilan fleet currently under the protection of the USS Sanctuary. They are listed by military or civilan classifcation and each class has a general overview with any specifics based on the individual ship.

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Unsc Military Ships

Sanctuaryt Unsc spirit of fire  cfv 88 t 830px heart of midlothiant Defiant01t

Human Civilan Ships

Eaexplor lg1t Cityshipt Mark9t Narn th nort Praetorianbigt 1t Tanker1t

Kedi V’Sontrak Ships

Valdore screent Stoklingonempirevoquvclassat580t

Trabe Ships

521px macstationcairolarge1kit Astraeust 1t

Xeno 176 Ships
Ufo 2t
Golandoiran Ships

37580 200902030125296 thumbt Thumb1280x1280 3292606831 2d36c15379 ot Tartan patrol cruisert

Xeno 144 Ships

Carriert 830px triumvir heavy cruiser frontt Images caz9 qzl6t

Wolfen Ships

Ep047 transport 000t Vayfar by mamutwindlow d30m9dvt

Necroid Ships

Nemesis03t Space ship by e re4s3rt Scary pointy ship by rexyft

The Enemy Ships

Prism cannont Energy dampenert

Capital Ships

USS Sanctuary HurstGM HurstGM