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These facilites are in space and can provide a habitable dome for wayard travelers or research for things you dont want on a spaceship or worse planet. These are the listing of the ships and facilites that have been visited by the Sanctuary and other human vessels. They many not be complete in schmatics most of the data gathered is simply overview of the stations and thier purpose.

Muntions Station Sarajevo-

This munitions facility was a staging area for the UNSC before the war. She was a heavly armored and armed facility that stored everything from SLAC rounds to plamsa warheads. Nukes are also stored there. One of the first stops after the attacks on earth it was cleaned out and looted by both the USS Sanctuary and the The Dragon. After cleaning it out the order was given to have the facility destroyed.

Facility 934176- This is a top secret facility known to refine and manufacture the jump drive cores needed in the UNSC fleet. The cores are the only thing manufactured at this location the rest of the drives are made in other locations in the human empire. This facility has the most advanced cloaking and automated defenses as well as a strong contingent on Marines. Because of the nature of this facility it is never visited by ships and considered one of the most well-guarded secrets in the human empire. Refined element zero is one of the most valuable and illegal commodities on the market. It is illegal due to its toxic nature. Only certain combinations of materials and frequencies can contain the harmful radiation that comes from element zero.

SimSams Waystation- Destroyed

Facility Echo 216
these are the cordnates recovered from the crystal left behind after the sontrak killed an Etherial. It is said to be a research and construction faciltiy for a weapon of mass destruction that is reported to be able to turn the water on the squid homeworld into acid. Currently on mission to recon and destroy if possible.

Space Stations

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