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These are the damage control tables. What happens as the systems get damaged and how it effects the ship.

System Function 75% health 50% Health 25% Health Disabled
Computer Core Organizes can cordninates ships systems None -25% Int bonus -50% Int bonus no int bonus
Sensor Array Scans Space None Scan range -25% Scan Range -50% Visual Only
Life Support Provides Atmosphere None End X10 hours of air End X 5 hours of air End X 1 hours of Air
Power Core Provides Power to ship None -50% Aux Power 0% Aux Power Ship Explodes
Kentic Shields Protects from micro meteroids None None None Cannot Fire/Protect
Sublight Drive Allows to move at sublight speeds -25% speed/agi bonus -50% speed/agi bonus -75% speed/agi bonus Dead in space
Jump Drive Allows FTL Engineering 2 Rounds Spin up 4 Rounds Spin up 8 Rounds Spin up Disabled
Tatical Systems Weapons None -25% Damage -50% Damage Cannot fire
Defensive systems Defensive systems None None None Cannot Fire/Protect

Of course now its broke how do you fix it? Well thats easy enough. You roll some type of engineering or damage control skills. You measure be degress of success. So if a crew have a damage control of 50% and a ship will a will bonus of 30% then the effective skill is 80%. If you roll a 60% then that system is repaired by 20 points. If the skill used is engineering or repair then the bonus is x3. So under those conditions then the points gained would be 60. Repair rolls can only be made every other turn.

Damage Control

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