Experience and Leveling

Here is the experance chart. You need the following ammount of exp to level up.

Level Experience points needed
1 0
2 20
3 60
4 120
5 200
6 300
7 420
8 560
9 720
10 920

Experience Points

Quick Look up Exp. Points Table

Event Exp points Event Exp points
Killing minor menace 1 subduing minor menace 2
Killing average menace 2 Subduing average menace 4
Killing Significant menace 4 Subduing Significant menace 8
Killing deadly menace 8 Subduing deadly menace 16
Using a skill mundane 0 Joke one liner 2
Using a skill Minor 1 Playing in character 2
Using a skill innovative 2 Fish out of water 4
Using skills outside the box 4 Saving an innocent 8
Using skills without the box 8 Saving another player 5
Saving a group of people 8 Risking you life for others 5
Ballsy stupid or not 2 Working as a group Everyone gets exp

Ok so this is how i recommend giving out such points. Personally I use pennies. I take 2 or 3 dollars and go buy some pennies. As my players do things like kill an enemy or better yet do something cool with their skills. I give them pennies right then and there. Now i have some general guidelines that i will share but i encourage GM’s not to set their experience points in stone and here is the reason why.

Three people a thug with a gun, a doctor with a gun, and a gunslinger with a gun.
Now the thug is mid-level not too strong or skilled. The doctor is a skilled physician but not very good with his firearm. The gunslinger is very skilled.

Now the thug and the gunslinger square off and both enter combat. The thug wins imitative and fired missing the gunslinger. The slinger quick draws and double taps the thug in the chest. He hits him in the chest killing him almost instantly. Frankly the thug was never a real threat.

Now the doctor is in the same situation. Facing the thug with a firearm. They enter combat and the thug wins initiative. He fires at the doctor and the doc dives for cover. They exchange fire or a few seconds and the doc gets a luck critical shot hitting the thug in the chest crippling him. Now the thug was a real threat to the doctor.

I would give the soldier 2 points for killing a minor menace and the doctor 5 points for killing a significant menace. Now if the group tackles a big bad guy together i give them all exp perhaps with one or two more going to the MVP. Although usually not because the guy who deals the most damage is supported by the guys distracting reloading or keeping the thing off balance. If they were not doing that then the damage dealer would have gotten eaten usually.

At the end of the day the fact is not all threats are created equal. I give experience points in combat to those that overcome the greatest threats or level of threat. Same goes with skills. Not skill checks that were hard really but using your skills in an innovated and creative way or under extreme duress.

Like an electrical engineer trying to get his sexbot to stop malfunctioning. He is not in any danger (Ok perhaps if he botches his roll) so if he makes his skill check or checks as needed I might award him 1 or two points. Now if he had to re wire a control panel for a power distribution station before the guard comes back so when power to the weapons is called it goes somewhere else. That’s hard innovative and dangerous. Especially when the power for the weapons is redirected in to the water purification and pumping center and it floods the facility. I would grant that 5 or 6 points.

Now what about fish out of water? The doctor is on the radio walking the gunslinger how to administer an antidote and remove a poison dart from another party member’s neck. Give a four points to each of them!

Now i give out points the most frequently for GOOD ROLE PLAYING! Like the doctor not wanting to eat till he washed his hands. The face man cracking jokes with the party to raise morale. Of course one liners. “Man I never beat the juicer (enhanced chemical warrior) to the enemy.” “Dude you will never beat the juicer unless it’s to a logical conclusion.” The thief stealing stuff on the side or skimming off the party’s funds. People playing their advantages and disadvantages or their backstory. Basically anything that adds to the story moment or the drama of role playing gets rewarded by me.

Experience and Leveling

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